Management assistant

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    Brendon Taljaard 2016-10-20

    Office workers (including secretaries/ management assistants) are found in support roles within all departments of a business. The range of office duties is large and often the content of what appears to be a similar job can vary considerably from business to business.


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    Eduan van der Walt 2016-10-20

    The secretary/management assistant plays a vital role in the following fields:

    • Clerical work. This refers to a role that is mainly at entry level. As a first job, the person answers the phone and does typing, data capturing, word processing, filing and other basic functions which need supervision, e.g. a typist

    • Administrative work. This is at a more senior level where the person may have his/her own area of supervision to ensure a task gets done, e.g. administrative assistant, personal assistant or secretary. They are also responsible for filing papers, scheduling appointments, answering telephones and handling emails and messages on behalf of their employers.

    • Managerial work. This level involves undertaking activities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the other office responsibilities, e.g. executive and departmental secretaries.

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