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    Brendon Taljaard 2016-10-20

    Factors that can influence the remuneration of the secretary/management assistant


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    Tutor 2016-10-20

    Secretaries/management assistants receive different salaries because Government has not yet decided on a minimum salary for them. The following factors play a role in their remuneration:

    • The size of the business. Larger businesses usually pay better than smaller businesses.

    • The location of the business – urban versus rural. Traditionally people in cities or bigger towns get paid better salaries than people in rural areas.

    • The type of work. In the same business, Level 1 secretaries will earn less than Level 2 secretaries and Level 3 secretaries will earn more than Level 2. More responsibilities imply greater accountability (where you have to answer for your actions and take responsibility for the results) which justifies a bigger salary.

    • Qualifications. A secretary with a Secretarial Diploma can earn more than a secretary with Grade 12.

    • Previous experience, knowledge and skills. Secretaries with more experience and skills can be appointed at a higher job level, which usually comes with a higher salary.

    • The remuneration recommended by professional secretary associations can also serve as a guideline for employers.

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    Eduan van der Walt 2016-10-20

    Remuneration: payment or salary.

    Accountability: where you have to answer for your actions and take responsibility for the results.

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